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R-Yolo: A Healthier Choice Amidst the Hazards of Traditional Yoga Mats

Greetings fellow yogis! Donna here from R-Yolo, and today I want to shed light on a topic that concerns us all - the potential health risks associated with traditional yoga mats. As we delve into the hazards lurking in the materials of commonly used yoga mats, you'll discover why R-Yolo's locally made, sustainable, and hypoallergenic mats are the superior choice for your practice. The Hidden Dangers of Traditional Yoga Mats: Unveiling the Truth In recent years, various studies and articles have raised concerns about the materials used in manufacturing yoga mats, particularly those made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Let's explore findings from credible sources and understand the risks associated with these widely used mats: 1. Leaf Score Article: VOCs and...

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Donna's Journey: Manifesting R-Yolo's Premium Yoga Mats with Gabby Bernstein

Hello fellow yoga enthusiasts! It's Donna here, and I'm thrilled to share an amazing story that unfolded through the transformative power of manifestation and the guidance of my mentor, Gabby Bernstein. As a proud member of her subscription list, I received an email that not only left me in awe but also played a pivotal role in the creation of R-Yolo's premium yoga mats. Let's dive into this incredible journey and explore how intention, manifestation, and a touch of serendipity led to the birth of our innovative products. Gabby's Manifestation Challenge: Setting the Stage for My Dream In 2020, like many of you, I joined Gabby Bernstein's Manifesting Challenge seeking inspiration and guidance. Little did I know that this experience...

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The Benefits of Yoga During Challenging Times

In an era marked by rapid change, uncertainty, and stress, the practice of yoga offers a beacon of solace and tranquility. The world has been grappling with unforeseen challenges, from global pandemics to economic turbulence, climate change, and political unrest. These turbulent times have left people feeling overwhelmed and anxious. However, amidst the chaos, yoga stands as a steadfast companion, offering a wide range of benefits that can help individuals find balance, physical and mental well-being, and a sense of inner peace.

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