The R-Yolo Difference

Launched in 2020, the R-YOLO yoga mat is a safer, more stable, and more sanitary alternative to the                            harder-to-clean yoga mats and towels on the market.  

Made with three layers of thick, yet lightweight, sustainable, and non-slip, padded material. R-YOLO is a more comfortable, sleek, sophisticated, and longer-lasting machine washable and machine dryable fitness accessory that can be used for yoga, Pilates, and several other mat-based exercises. R-YOLO is patented and made from eco-friendly, hypoallegenic,   non-PVC materials.

The Root Board is the perfect companion to the R-YOLO mats.  It is made from eco-friendly and highly renewable Moso bamboo.  Weighing 28 pounds, it is purposely heavey to provide a secure foundation to place your R-YOLO mat.  Expect it to elevate your yoga-at-home sancturary while providing the stability you need for challenging balance and inversion poses. Great for yoga in-the-wild, too.