Best Places to Try Yoga

Although yoga is commonly practiced in studios, it can really be done anywhere where you can meditate and move your body. There’s a variety of environments to test out. The energy you're channeling could even guide the way.

A green space like a park or forest could help facilitate a grounding connection as you surround yourself with rooted nature. If you’re feeling heat and fire, try finding a spot with a view.

Humans thrive when seeing the magic of natural beauty. A rooftop, for example, gives you a wide open view and a direct line to the shining sun. Let the wonderful world fuel your fire.

Group yoga retreats may be worth a shot if you need a quick, calming, and freeing getaway. The benefits of being surrounded by peers, plus limited technology and attachments from home, all in a zen environment could melt you into a more meditative state.

Studios can assure controlled climate and surroundings -  and of course is a more traditional space that is always appreciated.

Wherever you choose to do yoga, make it a place you can breathe and succeed in your intentions for the practice, but it never hurts to try something new.

R-Yolo mats are especially popular for doing yoga in various places, since it can be easily washed after use. Whether it's on the sandy beach or grassy outdoors, R-Yolo mat users enjoy the ability to do yoga wherever they feel drawn to!