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Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat
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Yoga Mat

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Machine washable & dryable, padded, non-slip yoga mat that provides comfort during use. The mat is lightweight and transportable, providing a safe and convenient means of eliminating bacteria and germs through machine washing and drying.

Patented; Manufactured in the USA

Crafted using locally sourced materials

Care Instructions: Wash before first use. Machine wash on gentle cycle in cool water, tumble dry low. Never use fabric softener or bleach.

Mat Material: 100% Turkish cotton towel, imported from Turkey 

Padding: Polyester foam 

Backing: Polyester; Recycled non-slip fabric that is ROHS and REACH certified Phthalate/DEHP free.

Size and weight: 27.5” x 68” - 4 pounds

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Finding the Turkish cotton towel too soft? Try wetting the mat before you begin your practice or use socks!

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