International Women's Day: Meet R-Yolo Founder Donna Lee

March 8 is International Women's Day, a day "celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, according to Meet Donna Lee, the inventor, owner, and founder of R-Yolo machine washable and dryable yoga mats, on this historic day.

Lee is a Massachusetts native — born and raised in Needham and currently living in Harvard. Her fitness journey began in 2014 when she set out to live a healthier lifestyle and practice better mindfulness.

Lee lost her mother to congestive heart failure and diabetes, and as a diabetic herself, Lee became dedicated to going to the gym and fell in love with yoga and Pilates.

Despite enjoying her classes, Lee found herself really grossed out by the shared fitness mats in the gym. They always seemed to smell and could really only be wiped down, never properly cleaned. And yet, they were being used by dozens of different people every single day.

Even when she got her own mat, Lee felt she couldn't get it clean enough and it started to smell and fall apart after just a few months. Thus, her idea was born: invent a mat that's completely machine washable and dryable.

In January 2020, Lee took a 21-day manifestation course, with the idea and materials for the invention coming to her on the final day.

The rest is history: After several prototypes and months of material sourcing, Lee began manufacturing and launched her store online,

Lee's invention has exploded onto the fitness scene, helping exercise fanatics get a mat they know is clean, safe, and comfortable.

R-Yolo founder Donna Lee hands a yoga mat to Bahia Watson at an Oscars pre-show party.

R-Yolo was even featured in the swag bags given to celebrities at an Oscars pre-show party in March 2022!

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